Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

Here at 1StopWind Ltd, we have a dedicated team of licensed drone operatives to carry out prompt and professional wind turbine blade inspection with the provision of timely and user friendly reporting methodology

A quick and safe way to inspect the wind turbine blades

At 1StopWind Ltd in Glasgow, Scotland, our aim is to provide expert turbine inspection services rapidly and cost-effectively, reducing downtime to the minimum. Drone wind turbine inspections provide an easy and simple way to identify the exact problem, without having to physically climb the structure. A drone is used to capture high quality images and provide high definition footage which is used to carry out highly detailed inspections. An accurate report will be provided to your team. This report will also be available in our secure web portal.

Benefits of Drone Inspections

  •  Low downtime on each turbine
  • Multiple turbines completed per day
  • Automated data processing and report generation
  • Faster and safer than conventional inspection techniques
  • Offshore and onshore wind turbines inspected

Blade Repairs

Damaged blades can deteriorate the performance of your machine. Our team consists of blade D technicians and IRATA Level 3 safety supervisors. We have extensive experience in carrying out a range of repairs from tip replacements to basic blade repairs and full structural repairs. Our services are available throughout the UK and Europe.

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