Wind Turbine Inspections

At 1StopWind Ltd in Glasgow, Scotland, we specialise in providing wind turbine Pre-Assembly, Commissioning, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair services to the UK and European marketplace for both onshore and offshore.

WTG Life Extension

1StopWind Life Extension team specialise in additional maintenance requirements to prolong the life cycle of WTG’s and continue their operation to provide additional return on investment of owners. This includes blade works, NDT works, welding works, electrical upgrades, tower painting and cleaning, BTT, mechanical inspection and repairs.

WTG Life Extension Works:

  • Blade Works
  • NDT inspections
  • Welding Cababilities
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Tower Painting and Cleaning
  • BTT and mechanical inspection and repairs

Benefits of WTG Life Extension

  • Improve technology and yield
  • No costly de-construction works
  • Continued production capacity
  • Intrusive maintenance to qualify asset

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